Thursday, December 13, 2012

Impression of: Rise of the Guardian

****(Quotes that I included are from what I heard so it might not be accurate)

Before I start talking about the movie, I want to say something. 

Recently, I felt very negative about things around me. I guess it could have been the stress and tension from last week of school when everything was due. But it is also because I lost my clear view of my passion. Why am I studying design and why do I want to study design? Then, I realized that I was over thinking and over analyzing whatever that came across. Watching 'Rise of the Guardian' lit up my passion to remind me why I wanted to design.

"what's your center?" - Santa -

Rise of the Guardian (RG) is a pack of wonderful magic and beautiful animation. It certainly uses 3D effects very well. From all year around, I saw one or two animations that use 3D. However, they did not pop out and immersed me in the animated world inside the movie. On the other hand, RG does great job creating the 3D immersion. 

RG has lot of movement throughout the movie. Because of the perspective and angle of the camera they chose for the scenes, 3D made more sense because it created depth. I felt as if I was surround by the animation even though they were popping out from screen in front of me. Settings were vast and beautiful. Tooth Fairy's palace has beautiful colours. Not to mention the tooth fairy herself. Each of the characters radiates different characteristics through intriguing colours and character design that reflects it. 

After watching it, this movie left me with warm and fuzzy feeling as if I was in a pleasant dream. It reminded me of Polar Express. Polar Express is different from Rise of the Guardian but these animations know how to move the audience and present the beautiful 3D world that is unforgettable. These two movies touched my heart and I realized that this is what I want my design product or media to do for the audience. Time for me to bright up. :D

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