Sunday, August 12, 2012

Game Review: Ib

I finally got some time to play a game after the summer semester is over. I have been hearing that that this new game, "Ib", is popular recently. I watched some gameplay by a person named Cry on YouTube and decided to try it out.

Ib is a nine year old girl, who visited an art gallery. During her visit, she ends up in a creepy and mysterious world.

Throughout the game, you use space bar to proceed in dialogue; the click/select and arrow keys are for controlling the movements of the avatar. The secondary mechanics of the game are puzzles and tasks that you have to accomplish to be able to open the locked doors, escape from the monsters, headless statues, and etc. Overall, it has a simple game interface.

Besides the aesthetics in the game, the story and puzzles are intriguing because it is enriched with different events and level of complexity.

There are many creepy creatures throughout the game. I personally thought the dolls that follow Garry around was the most eerie character in the game.

In most parts, you have to check out the surroundings (bookshelves, paintings, etc) to get the clues to solve the puzzles throughout the game. The difficulty is just about right for me because I was stuck twice and everything else went pretty smoothly.

It was a little review of what I thought of the game. Overall, the game was really fun.

Also, I got the best ending!


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